Charlottesville Pain Management Center - Interventional Pain Specialist, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine

Helping You Relieve Your Pain

Charlottesville Pain Management Center is the premier center serving Charlottesville and surrounding communities. We offer a broad range of treatments for simple to complex pain problems. Our medical therapies range from the use of injections, medications, physical therapy, and radio-frequency denervation to the most advanced spinal implanted medical systems. Our patients receive the most advanced and safest procedures, therapies and medications utilized in pain medicine today. Our primary goals are treating our patients with respect, safety, effectiveness and to improve function and quality of life. We welcome you to the Charlottesville Pain Management Center.

Charlottesville Pain Management Center was started by Christopher Lander, M.D. and Rasheed Siddiqui, M.D. in 2001. The combination of an established community doctor with a newly subspecialty trained doctor was an ideal combination to allow for the most contemporary medical techniques in a practice that understood the needs of the local community.